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Dear Family, I hope this note finds you well. I wanted to take a moment to share some important information with you that will help you take care of things if I'm not around.

I have a life insurance policy with ABC Insurance. The policy number is 123456789. Please reach out to ABC Insurance at 123-456-7890 if you need to file a claim. I have a mortgage with DEF Bank. The mortgage account number is 123456789. If you need to make payments or have any questions, you can reach out to DEF Bank at 123-456-7890.

The passwords of my online accounts are in the section named 'sensitive information' below.

Finally, I have a safety deposit box at GHI Bank. The key to the box is in the top right drawer of my home office desk.

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PasswordsInsurance informationSecret keysProperty informationThings owed or lentSubscription to cancelWishesInstructionsLoans to pay offBanking detailsBusiness informationOnline accountsMortgageVehicle information
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You are in control until you aren't

You have control over everything. Your note stays private and only accessible to you. You can change your check-in period to whatever you are comfortable with.

Regular Reminders

Life is busy, and we get it. That's why we'll remind you to check back in and have a 7-day grace period before we release the note.

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Check-in to Backup Diary

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We convert your note into a PDF document and send it to all recipients.

Automatic Delivery

There is no manual action needed from anyone. Once your check-in period (including the 7-day grace
We wait seven more days after your main check-in period expires. During the grace period, you can still check-in to stop your note from being released.
) has elapsed, we'll send the note to your recipients.

Secure by-default

We store your sensitive information using industry-standard encryption. It's the same standard used by financial institutions and the military.

We use the Advanced Encryption Standard 256-bit key with authentication data for at-rest encryption of your sensitive information.

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"Hey, I always wondered what would happen to my loan and its interest if I went into a coma. Would I wake up to a massive amount of repayment that I'd have to declare bankruptcy?

But now I have all the details my family would need to deal with my finances. So consider this an appreciation support ticket!"

Jared Macey

"When our mother died unexpectedly last year, we ended up in a 6-month court battle to get her bank accounts in order. So when I heard about Backup Diary, I immediately signed up and had my husband do the same."

Mia Ushani

"It is for sure a helpful service! Life is busy, and we end up forgetting the small things. But life is also unexpected, and those small things can be very impactful for our friends and family. "

Kira Washington

Clear Pricing

*lifetime payment
  • Peace of mind
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  • Update the Note and recipients whenever you need

Frequently Asked Questions

A note is just a text document you can create and store with us. You can write anything you want in it.

Anyone you want. You just need to add their email address or phone number.

Once your note is released, we'll convert it into a PDF document and send it to them via whatever delivery method you choose: email or Whatsapp.

No. No one can see your note before it's released. So your recipients will only see it when they receive it.

It means signing in to your Backup Diary account. When you check in, we know you're okay and available. You can sign in from any device you want. Once you've signed in, you'll see your check-in status on 'Your Account' page.

You can select the period you'll check in with us at least once. That's what we call the check-in period. You can choose between 30, 60, and 90 days as your check-in period.

We'll keep reminding you to check-in or update your Note. But if you fail to check-in during the check-in period, we'll still give you a 7-day grace period to check-in and stop your Note from being released. After that, we will release the Note if you still don't check-in.

Good, we'd love to answer them. Please reach out to us via chat on the website, or send us an email at help@backupdiary.com

* lifetime refers to 20 years or until the note is released, whichever comes first.

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